LOADSTAR was one of the very first disk-magazines ever published. In 1982 Jim Mangham got the idea of a monthly magazine on disk filled with programs, graphics and text that people would run on their computer. In 1984 the first issue of LOADSTAR, a magazine for the Commodore 64/128 computer was launched and over the next 15 years and 199 issues, a LOT of stuff was published on these disk magazines. Now, every bit of it has been converted to fit on one CD that you can run on your PC -- and there's still room on the CD for more old LOADSTAR things like music, JPGs of the color covers of the issues, and much, much more.

Here's some of what you'll get on the CD:

~ All 199 issues of LOADSTAR in .d64 and .d81 format

~ All 42 issues of LOADSTAR 128 in .d64 format

~ .TXT files of all of the text on the issues for fast searching on your PC

~ All 21 issues of UpTime (a rival disk magazine that LOADSTAR soundly defeated and bought)

~ JPGs of all of the color covers of the issues when LOADSTAR was sold in stores

~ PDFs of all 73 issues of The LOADSTAR Letter, Jeff Jones' excellent newsletter companion to LOADSTAR

~ MP3s of selected Knees Calhoon songs

~ .d64 files of every LOADSTAR product published separately from the monthly issues: the Compleat Bible, the Compleat Programmer, all five LOADSTAR Extras, Barbara Schulak's puzzles, etc.

~ All of Dave Marquis' SID and MIDI music

~ All of Walt Harned's artwork -- Walt is the most prolific artist ever for the Commodore computer

~ and whatever else I could find from the historic LOADSTAR archives.

US Only ~ $24 plus $3 S&H

Outside the US ~ $24 plus $6 S&H

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