Dust jacket by Gavin L. O'Keefe



Why would anyone want to kill olí one-legged, blind and deaf London Lew? And then steal his lousy old head? And what do Okus Jucker, Farlow Trelk, Brazgo Zirkle, Perciful Disheroon, Ludolph Hupfelkupfer, ďPeepsĒ Passadue and Seth Goosetree and have to do with the crime, besides having the guiltiest names ever assembled in one book? The answers to these and other questions raised in the backwoods of Arkinsaw have lain dormant for 50 years now. Ramble House is proud to bring this classic webwork novel back into print for modern readers to enjoy. Before itís all over, Ramble House will reprint every novel Harry Stephen Keeler ever wrote. And thatís no fakealoo!

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