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Fender Tucker



Philip Josť Farmer's Pornogothic Masterpiece 

In 1969, a year when all of western civilization's "values" were being challenged by young freethinkers, the noted SF writer Philip Jose Farmer decided to take a break from futuristic speculations. Instead he used his world-class imagination to explore complex sexuality in books like The Image of the Beast and Blown. But the edgiest book of all was Love Song, a brutally frank ghost story of a man and two women -- mother and daughter -- who explore the darkest areas of the human psyche. The book was published by Brandon House, a cheapo porn publisher and only a few copies were sold. Later, in the early 80s gonzo publisher Dennis McMillan released 500 hardback copies of the saga. Now Ramble House is proud to offer this classic, impossible-to-find hardcore novel in a print run of 100 copies, 25 of which are signed by Philip Jose Farmer, illustrator Gavin L. O'Keefe and publisher Fender Tucker. Most of the 100 copies have been sold. The 196-page book, lavishly illustrated and produced, is $30 for an unsigned copy, and $100 for a signed copy. There are only a few copies left so get yours now. You may never have another chance.