Dust jacket by Gavin L. O'Keefe



A Novel of H.P. Lovecraft

by Richard A. Lupoff


Ramble House is proud to present a new major novel by well-known editor and SF/mystery writer, Richard A. Lupoff. He wrote it in 1976 in the style of such historical novelists as John Dos Passos, James T. Farrell and Theodore Dreiser and it concerns the actions of horror novelist Howard P. Lovecraft and his literary friends in the momentous year 1927. Lupoff's 1980 novel, LOVECRAFT'S BOOK, covers the same topic but very little of the 1976 manuscript -- lost until a few years ago -- is contained in the 1980 novel. Read the story of the two publications in the introduction. MARBLEHEAD is a huge novel, 478 pages, and both the trade paperback and hardcover editions have a cover and mapback by Ramble House's Gavin L. O'Keefe.



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$38 in hardback

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