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It all began with a mysterious black satchel stitched closed with silver wire. Mrs. Matilda Hunter, Jerry Evans’ landlady, finds the satchel and leaves it in his room—and then is heinously murdered. Before long, Jerry finds out about the contents of the satchel—a device known as the Michaux Death Ray—and he’s off on an odyssey that in the first Ramble House edition was in three volumes. An odyssey that only a died-in-the-wool Keelerite could handle. If you have what it takes to follow the webwork master’s labyrinthine plot, this is the 1.5 pound book for you. Otherwise you might want to try an easier Keeler before tackling this one.

  This 589-page trade paperback contains the complete text of the novel written in 1931.

Trade PB, 589 pp. $22 + $3 Shipping

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