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MISTRESS OF TERROR and Other Stories

The Weird Tales of Wyatt Blassingame Vol IV

Introduced by John Pelan

Dancing Tuatara Press #38


Wyatt Blassingame must have something going for him -- Ramble House is up to Volume 4 of his horror stories while the best of the other loons at Dancing Tuatara Press have barely had two! Maybe it's because no one else could write a weird menace yarn like Blassingame. Just check out the titles of his stories and you'll see why he stands out when it comes to trolling the depths of depravity.

They Thirst by Night, Dime Mystery Magazine, June 1935

Gods Never Die, Terror Tales, May 1936

And Only Death Shall Save! Terror Tales, March-April 1937

The Prince of Pain, Dime Mystery Magazine, February 1938

The Invisible Horror, Terror Tales, July 1935

Mistress of Terror, Dime Mystery Magazine, May 1935

Dictator of the Damned, Dime Mystery Magazine, February 1935

Dark Child of Doom, Terror Tales, January 1935

The Blank Face of Horror, Thrilling Mystery, March 1937

The Corroding Death, The Scorpion, April-May 1939

As always, John Pelan lays the foundation for the collection in his introduction and Gavin O'Keefe sets the scene for debauchery of the first order with his cover art.

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