Jacket design by Gavin L. O'Keefe

A Ramble House 10-Cent Book (#16)


by Fender Tucker

 Inspector Claude La Mort of the Sûreté was in hell. At least that’s how he felt as he entered the Monastery of St. Isosceles, where kindly Abbot Costello had been murdered in his confessional. La Mort had a suspicion there was more to this than the usual nun-priest violence, and when he heard about the St. Swithins Day desecration he knew he was delving into a high crime that just might bring down one of our most cherished institutions: organized religion. But where were the bodies? And how the hell does one get into the Library? And why do the pornscrolls of Sister Debbie bring back feelings that La Mort had thought were long gone? The answers to these questions—and more!—await you as you enter the most mathematically arcane place on earth: The Monastery of St. Isosceles. 90 pages. $12.00

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