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by Gary Lovisi


   Two years ago Gary Lovisi came out with his first collection of unknown stories about Sherlock Holmes in THE SECRET ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. Now, Gary adds three more tales to the canon with "The Notorious Crosby Murders", "A Study in Evil" and "The American Adventure". These reveal sides of the great detective you may not be familiar with, for instance, his obsession with blood spatter evidence almost a century before Dexter and CSI got in the act. And did you know that Holmes once visited the United States and solved a crime there?

  Join Gary Lovisi in his quest to regale us with ALL of the Sherlock Holmes stories -- even the ones Watson never knew about!


158 pages. Cover designed by Tico.


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$18 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"
$30 hardcover with dustjacket 6" x 9"