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Ralph Trevor


When Nikolas Nolescue, senior silk merchant at Oxton’s, the exclusive silk emporium of greater London is found, strangled and wrapped in a bolt of his finest Suchow silk, foul play is suspected. Perhaps foul play by the foulest of all villainies — a Chinese tong! But there are other suspects for Police Superintendent Beck, such as Nolescue’s comely assistant, Phyllis Varley, or her apparent beau, young silk clerk Philip Slater. And what about Peter Oxton, owner of the silk emporium? When a piece of missing material is revealed to hold a clue to an ancient Chinese secret of eternal life, the case really gets complicated and before long the desperate Superintendent realizes he doesn’t have even a Chinaman’s chance of solving this one! ‘Ralph Trevor’ was the pseudonym used by James Reginald Wilmot for his numerous mystery novels.


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