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Written: Kirtland NM, 1972

In 1972, Peter and Rockee Blue, army friends of Kneesí from 1968, came out to New Mexico for a visit. With Knees and his wife, Joyce, they went on a two-day trip to the Grand Canyon, finding out that on the southern rim side, you must drive through Tuba City AZ no matter where you go or what you do. The Blues suggested that Knees write a song about ďall roads leading to Tuba CityĒ.


Itís a sad road Iím travelin

Sad because my baby tole me that our love is dead

ďGo on an beat your head against the wall,Ē she said

ďI donít think that I can take it any more.Ē


A man tries to make a livin

Doin what he does the best for as much as he can get

But tell that to a woman without lowerin your head

When the life she needs is just outside your door.


An the raincloud up ahead is flashin like a sign

It's a motorcycle nightmare on the Utah line

Do you blame me brothers for changin my mind?

I turn around an head back home.


All roads lead to Tuba

Just like all roads lead to hell

If youíre headin for the Canyon

Youíll get to know it well.


Well I tried to leave my woman

Somethin Iíve attempted so many times before

But every time I come on back a-beggin at the door

I wonder just what Iím tryin to do?


As I ride into Tuba

I get a kinda feelin that things just ainít the same

Like mebbe someoneís changed all the rules to the game

I wonder if itís me or if itís you.


Then I see the note thatís lyin on the bed

Says ďNow do you believe that our love is dead?Ē

Then I start to thinkin bout all the things she said

An I go an beat my head against the wall.



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