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Written: Kirtland NM, summer 1970, Monterey Street, Farmington NM, 1972


This is actually three separate songs blended together. A couple of them were written in the style of Glen Campbell, who was popular at the time, and they were all written on the piano. Oddly, when Knees recorded them in the 90s, he decided to use a guitar arrangement for all three. The blending almost makes sense.


Boston girl just common people,

But sheís been down

On the streets far too long now,

No one wants her around.

She comes to me with tears in her eyes,

Tears she canít cry

Oh what can I tell her

That she doesnít already know.


So if you see her on the road,

Wonít you please be kind to her

Try to help her with her load

Cuz sheís got such a long way to go

Sheís all alone but sheís comin home.


Iíll treat you like a fragile flower

Til you feel like growin,

Itís a sadness deep inside to see you fallen.

Like a soothin shade on a summer day,

My love is overflowin,

Your kiss is like the gentle touch of pollen.


Our words are blown away by the eastern wind

And washed into the earth by the rain.

We look up to the sky as the clouds drift by

The grass grows tall around us

Hides us from the train

Thatís chuggin through the countryside

Headin down to Austin.

Itís been a year since we ran away from Boston.


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