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Written: Gallagher Street, Las Cruces NM, 1978


Knees played this a couple of times with the Calhoon Brothers at the Las Cruces Inn but it wasn’t particularly danceable, hummable, or memorable. He probably had David Loggins’ Don’t Treat Me Like a Stranger in mind when he wrote the music. The words refer to the dance floor at the LCI with its strobe light, a first for cowboy bars in New Mexico.


We are gathered here outside the sight of God

To see who we’ll join together

Two-by-two twirling in the flashing light

Dancin on the edge of a feather.


We play along but you are the players

Spinning with stars in your eyes

Each woman Carmen, each man Cougie

Each with his own disguise.


So keep on keepin the thrill in sight

As you’re waltzing along through the air

I wonder whether she would spend the night

If the music weren’t there

If the music weren’t there.


When the moves have been made

In this romantic game

We’ll pick up the pieces and go

We’ll read all about it in the Sunday news

And we’ll wait for the next picture show.


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