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Written: Fort Bliss TX, fall 1967


It was while Knees was in the army (1967-1969) that he came up with the brilliant idea of doing a whole album consisting of epitaphs. Mercifully, the album ended up consisting of this one song, which is unusual (for Knees) in that it has a chorus in 5/8 time and an open guitar tuning.


He walked kinda funny shufflin along the ground

He talked kinda funny biting off the sound

He died with a footprint on his back.


He lived his life so rightly blinded by his mind

He took his life so lightly left it all behind

His tombstone said his name and nothing else.


Jonathan Canfield, it read

Although he was there in spirit only.


He loved his wife with passion

Till the day he died

She knew it was the fashion

So at his grave she cried

His tombstone fell to dust in thirty days.


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