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Written: Gallagher Street, Las Cruces NM, 1978


The name of this song was inspired by Thomas Berger’s book of the same name. In the early 80s Knees sent this song into the American Song Festival, a national songwriting contest, and the next year there were two songs out called Killing Time. It was a song title whose time had come. Neither song resembled Knees’ song.


You’re a killer, time’s your victim

He was on our side, still you tricked him

Not so long ago

We had the world on the run

I knew you had friends on all sides of town

We both laughed about the rumors goin round

You never said it

But you made me feel I was the one.


Even though you touched me like nobody else

I’d still have to call it a crime

Cause all the while I was makin love to you

You were only killing time

You were only killing time.


You’re a killer, time’s your victim

He was all we had, still you tricked him

If I hadn’t been so high

I wouldn’t have had so far to fall

I don’t blame you for takin what I had

But it’s all comin back and I feel so bad

You called us lovers

But now you never call at all.


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