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Written: Gilmore Street, North Hollywood CA, 1966


Knees was staying with Barry Dunkeson and his band buddy Norm in North Hollywood when they put this song together. Norm wrote the chorus and they used to sing it in three-part harmony in the bathroom (for the reverb) at the top of their lungs, especially after toking up in the closet. Knees was quite proud of his many psychedelic references and the backwards guitar solo.


I met you on a ship

Cosmic laughter made you trip

An excuse a seasoned witch never buys

Thought a girl like you would know,

Lyinís very proud to show

That itís visible to turned on acid eyes.


You filtered out my soul

Left no directions how to hold

Perceptionís golden revolving doors

Iím offering all I touch

On the altar of too much

The high priestess says she wants much more.


Weave a tapestry of truth

Teaching love to keep its youth

Forgetting all the paths of its frustrations.


Blind man saw me today,

Took a look an walked away

I got a feelin youíre tearin down my mind

You got me breathin cellophane,

Watchin shadows made of rain

You want me seein words that say Iím blind.


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