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Written: Rodeway Inn, Roswell NM 1973


Knees was playing with Country, which was known as Knees Calhoon in Roswell, when Diane one night wistfully sighed, ďMaybe this time heíll write.Ē It sounded like a good song title so the next night Knees wrote this song for Diane to sing. She never did but in 1976 Sheri Williams learned it and sang it with the Calhoon Brothers at the Las Cruces Inn.


Heís gone, just like all the rest,

Iíve been more than twice blessed.

Itís that same ol sad song again

Only miles apart,

I guess I know that song by heart,

But maybe this time heíll write.


What next, another wakened dream,

I have no mouth and I must scream.

He said someday we would meet again,

Things would be the same

A familiar face, a familiar name,

A friend to share the night.


And a letter wonít see me blue,

All it has to say is Iím thinking of you,

Just to reassure me that it was all true.


Uptown, lights are coming on,

People playing until dawn.

And thereís something thatís up for sale

For every appetite,

Sad songs written every night,

But maybe this time heíll write,

Oh maybe this time heíll write.


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