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Written: Espina Street, Las Cruces NM, fall 1975


Knees had just started playing with the band at the Las Cruces Inn and liked the way Mark did the Eaglesí Lyin Eyes. So he wrote a song about his daughter, Naomi, that was in the same musical vein. It won a prize in one of the early American Song Festival contests.


Thereís a girl in Alabama

Sheís got golden hair just like her daddy used to

And pictures of his face

Somewhere inside her memory

But she doesnít know him like she really should.


Thereís a man in Colorado

Heís got a burnin dream to live a life worth livin

And to know that the girl

Doesnít feel about her father

The way that he feels about his own.


Baby Iím on my own but Iím missing you

And youíre almost grown

Iím a thousand miles away

And Iíve been four years on the road

But baby Iím through with that

And I think itís time that I made it back

To the girl whoís loved by the man.


And the girl in Alabama

Laughs and plays and hardly cries at all

But when she thinks about

The man she calls her daddy

Heís not there to brighten up her eyes.


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