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Written: White Rocks Dorm, NMSU, Las Cruces NM, 1965


The White Rocks dorm was a relic of World War II occupation of the campus by excess soldiers from Fort Bliss. The dorm fee was $70 for the fall semester of 1965 for Knees and Dwight Babcock, the Torques bass player, and it was worth every penny. The building was torn down the next semester. Knees wrote this on his bunk, looking out the window at the dust, imagining he was writing a song the Byrds might sing.


Well she donít have much money

But what I want she gets me

When I say let me do something

She donít say no she lets me

But you, what can you do?


Her eyes are so inviting

When she asks me how I feel

Her hands know what theyíre doin

Her love she canít conceal

But you, what can you do?


You didnít sympathize

Or try to disguise your lies

She lets the world go by

And itís no wonder why sheís mine.


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