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by E.R Punshon


With an Afterword by Gavin L. O'Keefe



 In the twentieth book in his series, Detective Sergeant Bobby Owen of Scotland Yard and his wife, Olive, move into a perfect house in the country. Maybe too perfect. The neighbors are interesting and before he knows it, Bobby is engaged in a high speed chase ending up with a missing suspect and a dead body. But more than anything is the intriguing penchant of Miss Bellamy to play hypnotic songs on her piano. Or the frantic neighbor Mr. Fielding who seems to be enamored -- and frightened -- of Miss Bellamy.


E.R. Punshon's novels of Bobby Owen often pit him against villains in lofty places, dealing with the arts, music, sculpture, the theater, etc. In this installment, Punshon introduces an element of music, which Gavin O'Keefe discusses in an Afterword.

 Ramble House is proud to add this title to its reprints of E. R. Punshon's 'Bobby Owen' mysteries.


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