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MY FIRST TIME: The One Experience You Never Forget


by Michael Birchwood, editor


  Let's face it: the first time you managed to "do the deed" it was probably a trainwreck, right? That's natural in a priggish, religion-stunted society like ours. But what the hell, it's still a great story, even though everything went wrong from the get-go. Well, now you no longer have to reminisce about the one time you lost it because, thanks to Michael Birchwood, here are 269 pages filled with 64 true "first-time-sex" stories that are guaranteed to have you laughing, crying, and gagging all at the same time. The stories took place in WWII bunkers, baseball field dugouts, sleazy hotels, Israeli army camps,  summer campgrounds, and just about any other inconvenient and uncomfortable spot you can imagine. The perpetrators are young and old not always naive. But the main thing is: the tales are all true!


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$18  Trade Paperback 6" x 9"

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