Dust Jacket by Gavin L. O'Keefe


Things this Mystery is about— . . . A cracked SAFE with nothing in it but a blank CARD . . . An offer of $500 for it — “no questions asked” . . . a WILL that pits family members against the one outsider . . . a BOOK called “The Chinese: The Finest Race the Evolutionary Kettle Has Evolved” . . . a cryptic MESSAGE about a house numbered 234 and the “party with the seven—” . . . three aluminum KEYS that offer a path to freedom . . . a SUIT of clothes—for a German! . . . a crystal BALL that’s said to be “only trappings for the ignorant!” This is Ramble House's most shameless DELL mapback knockoff yet, and will propel you back to the wonderful 50's with a vengeance.

RH w/DJ, 189 pp. $25 + $3 Shipping

Trade PB, 138 pp. $18 + $3 Shipping

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