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What could be more peaceful than a weekend party at the chic English mansion of the Mostyn-Martins? Especially one where the highlight of the party is a game of “King Oscar”? It’s the game where one of the men is secretly informed that he is “King Oscar” and the lights are all turned out. Then the rest of the guests must roam throughout the mansion, feeling for bodies and asking if the body they touch is the King or not. What could go wrong? Could there possibly be—murder? Of course there could and when the bodies start to pile up it’s time to call Detective-Inspector Courtenay and we have yet another impossible crime for him to solve. When will the characters in a Berrow book realize that murder is always invited and even if he’s left off the guest list, he’s bound to crash! Ramble House is proud to bring this classic 1937 thriller back into print after all these years.

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