These are called FLEX books because they were made by a Dallas printer, Flex Press. They are trade paperbacks, 5.5" x 8.5", perfect-bound with color covers by Gavin O'Keefe.

Until I run out, here are some Ramble House titles that are on sale for only $12 apiece. To the US, shipping is $5 for every five books you order. To elsewhere, it's $11 for every three books. All titles are always available for the regular price, in a slightly larger trade paperback editions, at


To order any of the titles below e-mail me, Fender Tucker


by Harry Stephen Keeler:

The Crimson Cube

The Man Who Changed His Skin


by Joel Townsley Rogers:

Once in a Red Moon



by Norman Berrow:


Fingers For Ransom

The Claws of the Cougar

Don't Go Out after Dark

The Secret Dancer




by Michael Birchwood:

My First Time



by Ed Wood, Jr.:


The Horrors of Sex/Black Sex



by Fender Tucker:

Tales from the Tower



by Peter Genovese:

An Angel in the Street



by Francis M. Nevins:

The Anthony Boucher Chronicles, Volume 1

The Anthony Boucher Chronicles, Volume 2

(Large Print Editions)


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