Cover by Gavin L. O'Keefe


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Max Afford

  A series of daring jewel thefts, each preceded by a written warning. . .

  The discovery of a new formula for a chemical able to replace petrol at a fraction of the cost. Then another warning threatening the theft of that formula by a mysterious criminal who wear a billowing costume and a sinister bird-like mask. . .

  Then the bodies start piling up!

  The public are suddenly aware of the nefarious nocturnal crimes of the Owl, who seems to be able to appear and vanish at will in the mansions of the wealthy.

  Chief Inspector William Read of New Scotland Yard conscripts freelance sleuth Jeffery Blackburn to assist him in tackling this eerie mystery. There are suspects aplenty in the home of wealthy baronet Atherton-Wayne. Can Read and Blackburn clip the wings of the Owl before it's too late?


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