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Yet More Selected Stories from Science Fantasy


Chosen and Introduced by

Damien Broderick and John Boston


Damien Broderick and John Boston are proud to announce the third installment in their series of tales taken from the pages of Science Fantasy magazine. This volume has ten stories from some of the best writers of SF we have. Thanks to Damien and John, this magazine that was far ahead of its time, can be enjoyed by all. Here are the stories:


John Rackham, Bring Back a Life

Thomas Burnett Swann, Vashti

Josephine Saxton, The Wall

Brian Stableford and Craig Mackintosh, Beyond Time’s Aegis

Brian Aldiss, The Circulation of the Blood

J.G. Ballard, You and Me and the Continuum

Christopher Priest, The Run

Keith Roberts, Corfe Gate

Robert Wells, Stop Seventeen

Chris Boyce, Mantis


Available Editions 

      $20 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"