Cover from the Intimate Novels edition


by N. R. de Mexico

  Gary Heaslip was an excellent airline pilot until that fateful day when his plane collided in mid-air with another plane. The evidence shows that he was to blame but he knows damn well he wasn't -- and he plans to prove it! But in the meantime he's got to eat so he takes a job as a private chauffeur to a wealthy doctor. Unfortunately, the job entails driving around -- and keeping happy -- the doctor's sultry wife, the doctor's ravishing mistress/secretary, and the doctor's hot-panted and criminally nubile daughter. Can Gary stay out of trouble long enough to take care of that pesky airline disaster thing?

  Private Chauffeur comes in a picture-cover edition with every word of the original Intimate Novels edition intact -- in fact, improved.

RH w/DJ, 243 pp. $25 + $3 Shipping

Trade PB, 170 pp. $18 + $3 Shipping

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