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by Gordon Eklund


Introduced by Ted White


This second volume in a series bringing together the short stories of veteran science fiction author Gordon Eklund leads off with 'The Retro Man', a visionary tale of a man reliving his life in reverse time. Among the other highly diverse work are stories ranging from the gentle fantasy of 'Tattered Stars, Tarnished Bars’ to the dark near future of ‘White Summer in Memphis.’ The Ambiguities of Time’ is an early version of themes later explored in more detail in the long novel Cosmic Fusion. Also featured are several of Eklund’s later, more experimental works from the 1990’s, as well as solid off world adventure stories such as ‘Sandsnake Hunter.’

Hugo Award-winning writer and editor Ted White, who published Eklund’s first stories in his magazines Fantastic and Amazing Stories, provides a new introduction specially written for this volume.



Available Editions 

      $18 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"
       $32  Hardcover with dust jacket 6" x 9"

       $6  E-book via e-mail (epub or mobi)