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by Gordon Eklund


Introduced by Gregory Benford


This volume is the first in a series bringing together the short stories of veteran science fiction author Gordon Eklund. Heading this collection is the author’s first published story, ‘Dear Aunt Annie’, which appeared in Fantastic Stories in 1970 and which was nominated for a Nebula Award. The other stories within these pages originally appeared in such publications as The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Amazing Science Fiction, and Terry Carr’s Universe anthologies, and the themes explored by Eklund are diverse: a race of man-serving robots attempting to recreate their creator, a family of healers who find their gift a double-edged sword, a man who absorbs the mind of the painter Vermeer, a mad-scientist inspired by an H.G. Wells novel—and much more.

Fellow writer Gregory Benford, with whom Eklund shared a Nebula Award for their 1974 story ‘If the Stars are Gods’, has written a new introduction for this collection.


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