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Gunnar Johnston


Dancing Tuatara Press #73

An old manuscript tells how Donald Forbes, a young Scotsman, while climbing a Highland mountain in a mist, believes that an unseen companion saves him from being hurled to certain death. How he searches for and eventually finds this unseen companion, who turns out to be a living person, and how a seemingly chance attraction grows into a love transcending physical life, makes an original and enthralling story.

  Originally published in 1937, Soria Moria Castle is one of only four novels written by the  mysterious Gunnar Johnston. This republication of the novel features a new introduction by horror fiction authority John Pelan.


Available Editions 

  $20 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"


  $35  Hardcover with dust jacket, 6" x 9"


   $6   Ebook by e-mail (epub or mobi)

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