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A Tale of the Texas Rangers by

Roger L. Haley

A word from the author

 After joining Western Writers of America, and having conversations with other writers, editors, and publishers, I found that I had broken a cardinal rule in “Kiamichi Trail” . . . I left my readers hanging about the fate of Mourning Dove, Jonathon’s Choctaw bride. After much discussion, it was determined that the best way to fix this was to do a rewrite of “Kiamichi Trail”, remove it from the market, and write a much longer book that resolves the issue.

Thus was born “Trail of the Spirit Warrior”. Herein, we get the beginning of Jonathon’s tribulations, along with the tale of his time with the Texas Rangers and his continued search for his bride. This time, hopefully, I leave you with a sense of finality when the story ends.

My deepest gratitude to all who emailed me or left messages on my website about the pleasure you got from reading my story. Jon, Rip, Mourning Dove, and all of the other characters, are alive to me. I write about them as I believe they would have lived. For example: my original intent was for Jon to remain with the Rangers, but I soon realized that he was not the type of man who could ignore the plight of Mourning Dove. Because of the way I viewed him, I had to change the entire story. The reality that exists only in a writer’s mind can be compelling; I had to be true to his values.

Other than the fictional characters, the people and places I write about do—or did—exist. The battle with the Comanche really happened, Fort Towson is really there, as is Fort Riley.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this book. Please let me know at

 www.rogerhaley.com, or rogerhaley@yahoo.com

 190 pages.

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