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By Steve Yohe


Introduced by John Pelan


Before the Rock, before Stone Cold Steve Austin, before Hulk Hogan, before “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, before “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, before Verne Gagne, before Gorgeous George . . . and even before the great Lou Thesz . . . One man was synonymous with Professional Wrestling. His name was Ed “Strangler" Lewis.

This is his record, this is his story—the story of a man who revolutionized the sport, a six-time World Heavyweight Champion, and legitimately one of the most feared grapplers to ever set foot inside the squared circle. A man whose career spanned four decades, and who wrestled all comers—from the great Joe Stecher to the Golden Greek, Jim Londos.

Steve Yohe is one of the foremost wrestling historians in the world. This book is the product of his years of research and collation of numerous archival photographs. A great like “Strangler” Lewis needed a great researcher to go behind the scenes—dating back nearly a hundred years—to bring out the real story of the life and times of the man who changed wrestling forever.


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