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RH w/DJ, 344 pp. $25 + $3 Shipping

Trade PB, 244 pp. $18 + $3 Shipping


 Joseph Fairweather languishes in a mental institution because he has a theory about time and space that’s just plain crazy. Across the ocean in an abandoned warehouse by the River Thames, Eadgyth Whit­church lies bound hand and foot, soon to be thrown into the river by the London branch of the Tong of the Lean Grey Rats That Swarm the World, just because she overheard a phone conversation she shouldn’t have. Meanwhile, back in the States there’s a slab of ancient stone that seems to disappear and reappear according to some laws of nature we know nothing about. What’s going on here? This sounds like some sort of Harry Stephen Keeler novel!

  Ramble House proudly presents the last of the 80+ HSK novels that were rescued from his files. With this title, Ramble House has fulfilled its pledge to bring every novel Harry Stephen Keeler ever wrote back into print. Whew!

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