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by Adam Mudman Beczeny


Have you ever wondered why a first edition copy of The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway sells for thousands of dollars, when it's actually worth about $10? It's because when it was first published no one knew that the author would become famous and win the Nobel Prize for literature. If you bought a copy in 1924 it shows you were prescient and picked a winner, as if you had won a lottery. If you bought a copy years later and paid big money for it shows you've got too much money.

Well, here's your chance to win the literary lottery. Nobody's ever heard of Adam Mudman Bezecny and it's up in the air whether there's a Nobel in his future. But for a measly $18 you can buy a Literary Powerball and actually get some good out of it. You can read the two novellas and find out how sex-obsessed Sinthia handles the mutated iguana called the Lizard King, and how ambitious Karl Denim tackles the prehistoric beast, Noxosaurus.

Do it for your grandchildren. Can you imagine their joy when they sell their first edition Bezecny for $2000 and can finally afford that infra-red screen that will keep their cancers down to a manageable level? 


Available Editions 

      $18 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"
       $32  Hardcover with dust jacket 6" x 9"

       $6  E-book via e-mail (epub or mobi)