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Stories from the Pulps Volume 2


Selected and Introduced by John Pelan


Dancing Tuatara Press #37


 John Pelan knows his horror pulps and personally selects and introduces all of the Dancing Tuatara books from Ramble House. Here, in this second volume of various authors, he provides you with samples of the finest writing of the pulp era. Whether you're looking for pure horror or the most outrageous weird menace, let John show you the way with these 13 representative tales:


“The Pool Where Horror Dwelt” — Dime Mystery Magazine December 1934

“The Singing Corpses” — Terror Tales September/October 1938

“The Man Who Was Dead” — Dime Mystery Magazine May 1935

“The Horror I Thought Was Love” — Dime Mystery Magazine April 1937

“Little Men from Hell” — Dime Mystery Magazine May 1940

“Swamp Wolf” — Dime Mystery Magazine June 1934

“Hell Welcomes Lonely Wives” — Terror Tales February/March 1937

“Death’s Dreadful Lover” — Dime Mystery Magazine January 1937

“The Chorus Horror Trained” — Horror Stories June/July 1939

“Terror from the Deep” — Dime Mystery Magazine December 1936

“Master of Monsters” — Horror Stories December 1935

“Spawn of the Endless Night” — Dime Mystery Magazine November 1935

“Bodies Born for Slaughter” — Terror Tales September 1940



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