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Norman Berrow


Brick Bradley, private dick from the States has hardly set foot in Britain when he’s awakened by a shrill scream in the night. And when he dashes from his hotel room to investigate he runs into a practically naked dame—and her veddy British entourage. It’s the start of a month in the English countryside with all of the trappings—including triple murder. Somebody is out to get Miss Seraphina Thringwater and Brad isn’t about to let anything happen to her—unless he does it himself. New Zealander Norman Berrow saved some of his best plotting and action work for his penultimate mystery novel and now, for the first time in about 50 years, it’s available to be read in all its chilling glory. Berrow’s “impossible” mysteries are second only to John Dickson Carr’s for sheer enjoyment and puzzlement. $18


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