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by Gerald Verner


Introduced by John Pelan; Afterword by Chris Verner


Horrifying events in the village of Fendyke St. Mary left lambs with their throats cut. This was followed by the disappearance and murder of six young children — all with their throats cut. Then in Witch’s House, a local derelict cottage, the corpses of two men and two women were found—all poisoned. Yet, strangely, the murder had occurred whilst the cottage was surrounded by snow—and the murderer had escaped after locking the door... leaving no tracks!
They Walk in Darkness is not only an intriguing ‘locked room’ mystery, but a story steeped in the Occult, evoking a haunting supernatural atmosphere.

Available Editions 

    $6  Ebook (EPUB or MOBI) 

  $18 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"

  $35  Hardcover with Dustjacket  6" x 9"