Dust jacket by Gavin L. O'Keefe



  Clifford Carsonís friend Cary Desmond has lost thousands of dollars that must be paid back or heíll go to jail, and Cliff must find a rare, poisonous Zuri snake for the mysterious Jake Jennings if he wants the $1000 that Jennings will pay for the snakeódead or alive. And thatís not all! Cliff has to produce a $10,000 certificate for a client and itís missing too! But when he receives a $20,000 gift from a dead man he must decide how to use it to solve his problems and marry the lovely Marcia. If only he knew for sure that the $20,000 gift was real. But only Harry Stephen Keeler knows, and heís not telling till the last page!

  This book was also known as THE YELLOW ZURI.

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