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by Fox B. Holden


 Fox B. Holden’s 'The Time Armada,' published as a serial in 1953, has never before appeared in book form. It is the first Surinam Turtle Press “original.” Surinam Turtle Press is proud to present this exciting and important science fiction novel to a new generation of readers. Excerpt from editorial by William L. Hamling in Imagination Stories of Science and Fantasy, October, 1953: “This month — for the first time — Imagination publishes a serial in two parts. We believe the author, Fox B. Holden, has written as gripping and dramatic a science fiction novel as we’ve read in many years; it will quite likely be published in book form in the near future; thus we’ve taken a new step forward which we hope will meet with your approval. We would like to stress again that serials in Madge will really have to be outstanding....”


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