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A 1906 Novel by


Robert W. Chambers


This episodic novel tells of the adventures of Westrel Keen, a master of finding people back when there was no internet. It's full of quaint details about how people lived 100 years ago, back when much of commerce and the law involved finding the actual persons involved. Back when you could rob a bank in one state and have a reasonable chance of hiding out in another.

But don't let Westrel Keen get on your trail! In his introduction, Richard A. Lupoff tells of the intriguing story behind such a book -- which was later made into a popular radio show.

Not very many books from the era before the Roaring Twenties are interesting or even readable today but THE TRACER OF LOST PERSONS is an exception and Ramble House thanks Richard Lupoff for reviving it for his vaunted Surinam Turtle Press imprint.


190 pages.


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