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A Novel of Wall Street by

James B. Kobak, Jr.

James Kobak has been in the money business for years, prowling the back alleys of the financial district of Manhattan in search of the almighty dollar, and now he's written a novel that shatters every illusion you may have had about the men who call themselves "masters of the universe".

No, it's not a "tell-all" story. It's a humorous take on the vagaries of life in the financial fast lane by someone who knows what he's writing about. It may scare you a little if you have money invested in the schemes that rule our economy but it will mainly amuse you with its insightful glimpse of how Wall Street really works. Ramble House is proud to make this book available to people outside the skyscraping world of Gordon Gecko.

158 pages.

Available Editions

$20  Trade Paperback

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