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by James Corbett


With an Introduction by John Pelan


Dancing Tuatara Press #49


We are proud to present the first of at least three compelling novels by James Corbett this summer and to start it off: Vampire of the Skies, a 1932 aeroplane thriller with lots of supernatural leanings. For one thing, the villain seems to suck the blood from his victims shortly before throwing them from the cockpit of a high-flying aeroplane. John Pelan has much more to say in his introduction about this yarn as well as another aviation tale, The Ghost Plane, and a mystery, Murder Begets Murder, coming soon from Ramble House.

Available Editions 

  $20 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"


  $35  Hardcover with dust jacket, 6" x 9" (Available in June 2014)


  $45  Hardcover with dust jacket, with bookplate, signed by John Pelan, 6" x 9" (Available in July 2014)


   $6   Ebook by e-mail (epub or mobi)

This book is available at Amazon and the Create Space store but I can offer you a discount and free shipping if you call or e-mail me with your order. fender@ramblehouse.com 228-826-1783