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WHAT IF? Volume 3


Edited by Richard A. Lupoff


In the 80s, writer/wiseman Richard A. Lupoff came out with two volumes of what was to be a series: the WHAT IF? books. Each volume took a half-dozen or so years from the 60s and 70s and discussed, with Richard's 20-20 hindsight, the state of SFdom during those years. To illustrate his many points, he provided us with brilliant short stories by the best writers of the period in question, stories that DIDN'T win the Hugo that year, but maybe should have. As we know, because of politics and other often irrelevant things, the best works don't always end up winning. That's the sort of thing that is discussed in Richard's text for each year.


The first two volumes were published in the 80s to great acclaim but due to some politics (or something) the third volume was never published, even though it was finalized. Fast forward to 2013 when Richard A. Lupoff, the major domo of Surinam Turtle Press, can ignore petty politics and pretty much publish what he damn well pleases. And it pleases him immensely to see WHAT IF? #3 finally see the light of day.


These are the stories and authors featured in this volume. Read it and salivate.


1966 — Light of Other Days - Bob Shaw

1967 — The Star-Pit - Samuel R. Delany

1968 — The Barbarian - Joanna Russ

1969 — Sundance - Robert Silverberg

1970 — The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories - Gene Wolfe

1971 — Vaster Than Empires and More Slow - Ursula K. Le Guin

1972 — Painwise - James Tiptree, Jr.

1973 — My Brother Leopold - Edgar Pangborn


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