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by Bruce Elliott


“I think I’ll die … ho ho … laughing!” So exclaimed the practical-joking host of the elegant weekend party, after the siren that was attached to the flush lever on the commode went off. That set the mood for the rest of the weekend as the high-powered guests, including the mysterious analyst Dr. Guelph and a bunch of show-biz personalities, “enjoyed” the hospitality of the Grimsby brothers, Ben and the obnoxious Jesse. After choking down octopus and a dessert made of raw eggs, the party-goers were ready to murder Jesse, and each of them told him as much.

Well, it doesn’t take much imagination to know that the hyena-like Jesse is doomed to eat his words, and be dispatched in mid-cackle. Why, oh why, is murder always invited to dinner parties? And which of the guests made sure he kept his promise?

Find out in this classic gem from 1945, brought back by the practical jokers known as Ramble House.


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