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by Edmund Snell


With an Introduction by John Pelan


Ramble House is claiming Edmund Snell as one of its "flagship authors" not only because he's one of the best pulp writers ever, but because he was so prolific and we have so many of his old stories from the tabloid-like thriller mags that preceded the pulps. John Pelan tells you all about it in his introduction as we add this supernatural yarn to other Snell titles as The Back of Beyond, The Crimson Butterfly, Dope and Swastikas, The Finger of Destiny, The Sign of the Scorpion and The White Owl.


Written in 1925, The Yu-Chi Stone is one of Edmund Snell's early novels of Yellow Peril.


220 pages.


Available Editions

$20  Trade Paperback

$35  Hardcover with dust jacket

$45  Special Bookplate Hardcover Edition signed by John Pelan

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